Research organizations and information & services companies own valuable data sets, but often do not have the capabilities to deliver it into the digital advertising ecosystem. By bringing your offline data online, you can tap into a booming market with robust demand for reliable, high quality data. Eyeota makes your data actionable by matching it to online profiles and enabling digital marketers to target campaigns with it. We work with some of the most recognized global owners of traditional marketing insights & research to monetize their offline data online. 

A Trusted Partner

We are EDAA Accredited, ABC Audited, and IAB Certified for the highest quality data and security.

A New Revenue Channel

Don't be limited to traditional revenue outlets - extract the most value from your data.

If you're a Data Supplier,
Eyeota offers you:

Access the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Turn your offline data into actionable online data

We convert your offline data into actionable online segments for advertisers to reach their target audiences - allowing you to extract more value from your data assets. 

100+ Data Buying Platforms

Instant global penetration 

By joining Eyeota as a Data Supplier, your data will immediately be placed on the Eyeota Data Marketplace and sold through all major global and regional ad-buying platforms, trading desks, DSPs, DMPs, and ad networks covering 95% of global programmatic buying.

More Touchpoints with your Data Buyers 

Diversify your product offering  

Marketers have traditionally used offline data to reach their consumers. By bringing your data to the digital marketplace, you are enabling them to seamlessly integrate their offline audiences with their online audiences - deepening your relationship.