Monetize your data at no cost to you. By partnering with Eyeota, we provide you with an additional revenue stream. Our publisher partners earn ancillary revenue every time data from their site is used in the Eyeota Data Marketplace. Your data will be accessible on all the global data buying platforms and used by brands and marketers to deliver digital campaigns to their target audiences. 

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Monetizing your audience data is simple, fast, and safe.

Data Security

Eyeota is 100% privacy compliant. All of our data is anonymous, so you and your users are protected. 

If you're a Publisher,
Eyeota can:

Monetize Your Audience

Generate new revenue streams.

Data we collect from your site will be added to the Eyeota Data Marketplace. You receive a share of the revenue every time that data is used.

The larger the volume of site visitors and the more deeply they engage with your site, the greater your data revenue potential.

Understand Your Audience

Receive a monthly audience report.

Your audience does not exist in a silo. They interact with hundreds of other publishers each day. Our marketplace consists of data from 30,000 publishers globally. We match your user profiles to their other online activities so you can better understand them. You will receive a free monthly audience report along with your data inventory report.

Global Marketplace Penetration

Join a global network of data suppliers.

By joining the Eyeota Publisher Network, you will join a partner group of the world's most trusted online and offline data providers, including Experian and Roy Morgan. Your data will be  sold on all the major media buying platforms and used by the biggest brands in the world to precision target their consumers. 

Eyeota Publisher Resources Center

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A one-stop resources center to educate and empower publishers. Find out how to utilize existing data to generate additional revenue.

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Becoming an Eyeota Data Supplier is a simple 5 Step Process

Publisher Agreement

The Eyeota Data Marketplace Supply Agreement with our Terms & Conditions is available here.

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The set up process is simple and only takes two weeks. You are one click away from earning revenue on your audience data.

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